Novatorix - Business, Portfolio and Blog theme (version 1.3)

Thank you for purchasing this template. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to contact me, go to my profile page and send me a message from there so that I can get back to you sooner.

Note: After you activate the theme please do the needful settings required for this theme and then preview the theme after you set everything. Theme visualization will not be perfect until you setup everything as mentioned in below documentation.

Novatorix also has 10 Fantastic skins to choose from:


Table of Contents

Theme Info

Novatorix is a Wordpress Theme, best suited for Business and Portfolio sites. This theme has all the popular and common features. It comes with a fantastic 3D Image slideshow that can be controlled from your backend with a custom tool. The Theme has a huge wordpress custom backend (7 different option pages) that make customization of the Theme easy for those who dont know much about coding or wordpress. For more details see features list below.

Theme Installation

Update Wordpress

To ensure a positive user experience, we highly recommend you update your wordpress to the latest stable version. (currently 2.9.2 or 2.3.0). This will help to ensure that you are able to utilize all of the latest features of wordpress.

Installing Novatorix theme is just like installing any other wordpress theme.

1) Locate the [novatorix] directory inside the zip file you downloaded from
2) Upload the [novatorix] directory to your themes folder inside your wordpress [wp-content/themes/].
3) Activate the [Novatorix - Business, Portfolio and Blog theme] theme by selecting the Appearance -> Theme tab and then activate.
4) Theme do not requires plugins.

Make sure you have knowledge in wordpress before editing any code which is in php or css files.

Add Pages, Categories and Posts

1. At first create all Pages, that will be displayed in header menu.
   a) Enter Page name
   b) Add content
   c) Select 'Template' from right sidebar. Available Novatorix templates: Blog Template, Contact Template, Full Width Template, Portfolio Full View, Portfolio Gallery View, Sitemap Template and 404 error page
   d) After all pages was created go to admin panel 'Novatorix => General' and find 'Blog Page' and select page that will show Blog posts. Save changes.

2. Create Blog Categories

3. Create Posts
   a) Enter post Title
   b) Enter Content
   c) Select Category from right sidebar.
   d) Each post needs to have an image associated with it. 'Set thumbnail' in right sidebar under 'Post Thumbnail'. Upload full view image.
   e) Add 'Portfolio image Description' for 'Portfolio Full View' template
   f) Add 'Portfolio videos, flash, YouTube, Vimeo url'. Insert videos, flash, YouTube, Vimeo, iFrames full url. Note: If is empty will show image full preview from 'Post Thumbnail'.
   e) Don't forget to Save when you done.

Logo Setup

For changing the logo you need to save the logo in transparent PNG format and setup URL in admin panel 'Novatorix => General'

Social Bookmarks

I have added total of 4 Options which you can enable or disable by going to theme options.

Changing Color Options

Provided 10 color schemes. Go to admin panel and choose the color you want and save changes.

Theme Widget sidebars

5 custom widgets: Flickr, Header Search form, Popular Posts, Post Author Info, Related Posts. 15 Custom widget sidebars.

Novatorix admin panel options

Thank you once again for purchasing this template. Please go to downloads page where you downloaded the template and give ratings to this theme.